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Jewel-Messiah - Wedding 07/11/2015New York City, NY
Jesse & Marcin - Wedding 11/14/2014Clifton, NJ
Jarde & Tony - Wedding 06/21/2014Asbury Park, NJ
Terri and Vinny Wedding 03/14/2014Poughkeepsie, NY
Gina - Birthday Party 03/01/2014Point Pleasent, NJ
Chrissy & Andrew - Wedding 10/19/2013Franklyn, NJ
Sue and Bob - Wedding 10/12/2013Old Bridge, NJ
April and Steven - wedding 10/06/2013Brooklyn, NY
Gina & Leonard- Baby Christening 09/22/2013Newark, NJ
Ashley & John- Wedding 09/21/2013New York City, NY
Alvan birthday 09/07/2013Harrison, NJ
Virginia & George - Wedding 06/22/2013Brooklyn, NY
Gina & Phil - Wedding 06/15/2013Monmouth Beach, NJ
Daniela & Bruce - Wedding 06/01/2013Cherry Hill, NJ
Cheryl & John - Wedding 05/18/2013Clinton, NJ
Stefanie & William - Wedding 05/11/2013Asbury Park, NJ
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